Gweep Systems

Welcome to the Gweep Systems homepage! Gweep Systems is a registered sole proprietorship in British Columbia, Canada. The company is primarily used as an entity under which I do occasional consulting work, as well as the means by which I originally registered the domain. The domain has since been superseded by the domain, and no longer exists as of May 2002.

I have been using and administering Unix systems since the late 1980s and Linux since 1992, and have worked primarily as a Unix system administrator since 1995. Most of my Gweep Systems related work is volunteer work in the areas of Email and Usenet News though I also do occasional consulting on jobs that interest me, which I feel have value, or which offer to pay great scads of money. Combinations of these criteria are always welcome.

The name was inspired by GweepCo, and my take on the origin of the word "gweep" is that it is the sound a VT100 terminal makes when you try to backspace past the beginning of a line. I use it to refer to the sort of old-time hacker who does everything from the command line, avoiding GUI tools where possible.


Gweep Systems hosts a number of email lists, primarily hobbyist discussion lists. Please note that we neither have nor host marketing or spam lists, so please don't bother asking me how much I charge for a targetted list of piano tuners in Elbonia. Really. You wouldn't believe the requests I get for this sort of thing.

The first public list I ever hosted was for fans of the Japanese animation (anime) series, Dirty Pair, and that first hosting grew into a number of anime lists: Bubblegum Crisis, Dirty Pair, Kimagure Orange Road, Koko wa Greenwood, Video Girl Ai.

(VanLUG link) I also host a number of mailing lists for the Vancouver Linux Users Group (VanLUG): the main discussion list, Conventions (COMDEX), and the Steering Group list, among others.

For an almost comprehensive list of public lists, please visit the Mailman list index. I used to use Majordomo for list hosting, and still have not migrated a few lists away from it, mainly the Madness information list, and the Steve Taylor discussion list.

Usenet News

Gweep Systems hosts the moderators and/or moderation software for a number of Usenet newsgroups. I personally moderate the following groups:

We host the moderation software, and I am a member of the moderation team for the following groups:

Last, but not least, we host (and maintain) the robomoderation software for the following newsgroups:


While I generally have full-time employment, I may also be available for a variety of consulting work, as time and interest permit. I have experience with a wide variety of Unix systems, as well as with Unix/Windows integration. My expertise is primarily in the area of network services, such as email, news, DNS, Apache/WWW, etc. That is by no means an exhaustive list, however, so feel free to contact me and inquire. Do keep in mind that my free time is limited, so I will generally only take work that offers some combination of personal interest, public good, or high pay.

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