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(Picture of Moi) The lovely picture of myself, taken Christmas 1994, is courtesy of my sister Marcia (take a bow Foo). To assist you in scaring children and small animals, a larger size version can be had simply by clicking on the little one. Those of you with lots of time to kill can also peruse my terminally boring personal bio and pseudo-resume.

I'll be trying to keep a record of major updates There is new stuff to be found there as of September 7, 1998. You can also peruse the list of silly awards some of my pages have won. Please mail me any comments at brian@gweep.ca, or my UUCP address lios!brian.

(Lynx Enhanced) You may notice that this page isn't as glitzy as those Netscape enhanced pages. This is because while I generally like Netscape as a browser (except that it's rather a bloated pig), I dislike their fracturing of the HTML standardization process with their non-standard markup tags. I have attempted as much as possible to make my pages visually attractive under all browsers, and I hope my emphasis on content over style makes up for the lack of glitter. While I do take some advantage of more advanced markup, many of my pages are Lynx Enhanced to one degree or another.

For information on how I actually create my webspace, see the colophon.


Japanese Animation

My anime section finally grew large enough that I've moved it onto its own page. Drop by for information on my favourite shows, and for pointers to excellent web resources maintained by others.



Linux is a free UNIX clone written primarily by a CS grad student in Finland, Linus Torvalds (now working for Transmeta in California). It's a mostly POSIX compliant System Vish operating system with people all over the world working on developing it. I've been running it since May of 1992, and still think it's the best thing ever to hit my computer. You can find lots more information at the Linux Documentation Project homepage.

I also host the Vancouver Linux Users Group mailing list on my home mail server, from which archives of the digest list are also available. For information on joining the list send mail to vanlug-request@gweep.ca, or just read it directly off of my news server at news://news.gweep.ca/vanlug.general. For VanLUG announcement, drop by news://news.gweep.ca/vanlug.announce.



Cycling isn't as big a part of my life as it once was, particularly since in August 1998 I moved to within a 30 minute walk of work, but I still ride occasionally, and no doubt one day will get back into longer regular rides.



Visit my music page for information on locating music resources on the net, as well as the Leslie Spit Treeo page and pages for the music mailing lists I run.

I also run a mailing list for discussing the comedian, musician and actor, Denis Leary. Parental discretion is advised due to the potential for mature subject matter, strong language, and all that rot.

Like most North Americans, I spend far too much time watching TV, though my consumption has generally gone down lately, as I'm more than busy enough with other stuff. Shows I currently try to catch with some regularity are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Highlander: The Raven (and the original), The Simpsons, and Ally McBeal. Grand huzzahs to Space for picking up Babylon 5 for Fall 1998 and planning to show it daily right from the start. And a big woo-hoo for BCTV who are now showing B5 season five really early Monday mornings (five minutes after midnight).

I also enjoy catching other shows more irregularly: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Urban Peasant, The Red Green Show, Law & Order, Forever Knight, and Mad About You. Some of my favourite shows that are harder to find are Max Headroom, The Critic, Red Dwarf, and Doctor Who. Oh yes, and anything by James Burke. I read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman recently, which was apparently also a BBC television series, and which I'd rather like to see.

I watched part of a Star Trek: Voyager episode the other day (about the Omega directive), and it was actually ok. Generally though, the less said about Voyager the better. Sad, but true.


Gweep Systems

Gweep Systems is my computer consulting and software development company. I'm currently doing some ongoing Unix consulting for a couple groups. Not an independent career by any means, but some nice pocket change for investing in stocks and new computer toys.

Most people reading this for the first time are probably wondering ``Why Gweep?'' Well, it was inspired by the Undocumented Features saga written by Zoner, ReRob and Gryphon from WPI. The short version is that it's the sound an old VT100 terminal makes when you try to backspace past the beginning of a line. Go visit the original gweeps at GweepCo.

As part of my gweepery, I've had a lot of involvement in the online community, so I finally decided to document some of it. It also gives me a place to finally link to a lot of the resources I've had available from these pages for some time, but never had a place to reference them from before.

My current primary workstation is an IBM Thinkpad 240 (Celeron 400) with 12GB of IDE hard drive, and 192MB of memory. It generally runs Linux, but occasionally boots to Win95 or NT for games. I also use Win98 on a dual headed (Matrox G400) Celeron 433 when I'm at my desk, but even then I'm always logged into one or more of my Linux servers.

My home network connects to the outside world over a 10Mbps link (via Novus Telecom) on my P133 Linux firewall. All network services are provided by a dual P2/266 running Linux, which is due to be replaced with a Celeron 533. There are, of course various other computers in various states of function scattered around the place.

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