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Bubblegum Crusade, written by Glenn Hough <houghg@elwha.evergreen.edu>, can be retrieved from the usual anime fanfiction site, ftp.cs.ubc.ca.

One Reader's View

by Edmond Leviton <levitone@elwha.evergreen.edu>

Mega-Tokyo was aflame. The revolution flickered down the glass and steel canyons, throwing ghoulish and twisting shadows of war into the fearful human hearts. The boomers knew no fear, just anger, rage, and a gleeful desire to destroy their oppressors.
-- CRUSADE, page 584

Bubblegum Crusade is a monsterous novel of 670 pages. It starts with the death of Dr. Katsuhito Stingray, concerns itself with the genocide and slavery of sentient sexaroids, follows the battles between Largo and the Knight Sabers, before focusing on 10 days in October that shake the world.

Well, what can I say about BGC Crusade except -- Brilliant! ... Congratulations, Crusade weaved a marvelous story and kept me entralled in much the same way that Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy's books do. Even had my eyes watering by the end.
-- Robin Smith

While this version is not technically perfect, that shouldn't get in the way of the Herbert technique of layering a story.

I read it first as an action/adventure, a boomer kick'en war. Certain elements puzzled me but I realized that I could've read the entire thing as a parable about power driven politics. That still didn't explain some elements until it dawned on me that I'd ignored the entire religious subtext. This is Armageddon, man.
-- Brain Johnson

And in this war, brought about by an insane being bent on humanity's destruction, no one escaped unaffected. Sylia was the only hope left.

I like how this was an active recreation of Arthurian lore, the creation of an order of Knighthood. It takes them out of the mercenary gutters to the shining heights of honor and dedication. A beacon and example of righteousness in the darkness of cyberpunkish times.
-- Richard Trendal

Bubblegum Crusade is a fully realized branch pathway in the Knight Saber continuum. It is not a story that can be spliced onto the end of the OAV series as just another installment. This is one way the lives of Sylia, Priss, Linna, and Nene went. There is no going back; there is only going forward to the new loves and fresh grief, the new ambitions, the joy and the pain of life as their history unfolds upon the stage. Enjoy.

Brian's Short Take

Crusade is an immense work, which remolds the entire Knight Saber chronology to fit its vision of the future, and in the process creates an enjoyable and provoking story.

Unfortunately, many readers will likely find it difficult to read due to its double spaced, printed page oriented formatting, as well as numerous grammar and spelling errors (at least in the originally posted version). Readers who have the patience to continue, despite these frustrations will be well rewarded in the end.

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Bubblegum Crusade Reviews
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