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Kimagure Orange Road, TV episode 6

Original synopsis by Pat Conley
Amended by Joe Zubkavich
Proofread and typeset by Brian Edmonds

Aitsuha rival koino chuukanshiken
(He is the Rival. The Test of Two People's Love)

Someone is following Kyosuke to school. It turns out to be Yuhsaku Hino, a young martial arts stud who predicts bad things for Kyosuke's health if he doesn't leave ``that girl'' alone. Kyosuke thinks he means Madoka.

Kyosuke is helping Hikaru study for the end-of-term finals, but at the same time is getting help from Ayukawa at Abcb. He doesn't want either to know that he's studying with the other. On top of this, all the extra teleportation he's been engaging in (to get from place to place quickly) is sapping his strength.

Seeing how closely Ayukawa and this new boy, Yuhsaku, talk together when they do so in his presence, Kyosuke still thinks Yuhsaku must like Madoka. ``Do you know him?'' she asks Kyosuke, who evades. She then explains that she, Hikaru and Yuhsaku have been friends since they were children. They even used to take baths together, a point which Kyosuke isn't too thrilled to hear.

Kyosuke sees Yuhsaku and Ayukawa talking from afar, and then Ayukawa appears near Kyosuke and says, ``He really likes her.'' Ayukawa explains to Kyosuke that Yuhsaku has always liked Hikaru.

Later, in Abcb, Kyosuke tries to keep Hikaru from finding out that he was also studying with Madoka. Ayukawa's made him extra study materials, telling him in a private note that it's okay that he was studying with Hikaru-chan at the same time.

After the tests, Kyosuke has barely passed the finals. Kyosuke overhears a talk between Yuhsaku and Hikaru in which Yuh-kun tried to tell Hikaru how he felt about her, but gave up from embarrassment. Thinking that everything turned out alright he turns around and sees Ayukawa, who then demands to know why he did poorly on his exams. Ooops.

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Kimagure Orange Road, TV episode 6
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