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Kimagure Orange Road, TV episode 7

Original synopsis by Pat Conley
Amended by Joe Zubkavich
Proofread and typeset by Brian Edmonds

Madoka no shiseikatsu Kuchizuke spark iro
(Madoka's Private Life. The Spark-Colored Smooch)

Kyosuke is at Komatsu's house, and they get to talking about women. Kyosuke realizes that he really doesn't know all that much about Ayukawa's past. He's attacked by conflicting images of Ayukawa asking him to stay at her house back in episode 5, and the ``normal'' girl he is used to.

Ayukawa and Kyosuke go to a cafe bar, and they run into some obnoxious people from Madoka's mysterious past. They call Kyosuke a kid and tease Madoka about the company she's keeping these days, which gets Kyosuke mad and makes him wonder about who these people are, or were, to Ayukawa. In the bar, Kyosuke's surprised that they're drinking real alcohol, but Madoka says it's okay, go ahead. Kyosuke does.

On the way home, a drunk Kyosuke asks Madoka about the people they met, and about what kind of life she led before she met him. He tries to kiss her so she deals him a deadly ``Ayukawa Slap.''

The next day, she doesn't want to talk to him in school. When Hikaru accosts him, he tells her not to be so open with her affections in public, and she runs off, offended. Hikaru notices after school that Ayukawa is not herself, dropping glasses at Abcb and cutting herself.

The next day, while Hikaru is feeding Kyosuke like a baby on the roof, Kyosuke sees Ayukawa at the entrance. He pretends to see a UFO as an excuse to chase Madoka. Using his powers of teleportation, he catches her, and apologizes. Ayukawa agrees that alcohol can be dangerous, explaining that she had gotten drunk yesterday after school. ``Ah, I'm so hungry! I didn't eat any lunch,'' Ayukawa says, so Kyosuke throws her his katsu-sand.

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Kimagure Orange Road, TV episode 7
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