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Kimagure Orange Road, TV episode 9

Original synopsis by Pat Conley
Amended by Joe Zubkavich
Proofread and typeset by Brian Edmonds

Kurumi-chan date no shikata oshiemasu
(Kurumi-chan's How to Date)

Walking through town, Kyosuke spies Yuhsaku, looking through the glass of a store at Hikaru and Madoka, who are shopping. Later, Kyosuke and the others hear that Kurumi has gotten lost, that she went off with a boy. They get an image of the culprit from the description, and set off to find him. Kyosuke almost gets into trouble when he finds someone who fits the description, and Madoka must come to his rescue.

Setting off to join in the search for Kyosuke's sister, Kyosuke and Madoka pass through Lovers Forest, and get embarrassed to see everyone kissing. A police officer wants to know what they're doing here, and Madoka gets defensive and pulls Kyosuke out of there.

We find out that Kurumi has been picked up by an insecure boy, who watches videos on how to get a date and is rather upset at the food bills Kurumi is running up.

Back in the park, Kurumi is looking for Jingoro, and the boy with her decides it's time to make his move. Kyosuke hears Kurumi's scream nearby and runs to find her. Meanwhile, Komatsu, in a rowboat with Manami, makes his own move. Suddenly, the ``kidnapper'' comes screaming out of the sky (teleported there by Kurumi when he tried to kiss her) and splashes down. It is then that it comes out that the boy is Komatsu's older brother.

Kyosuke finally finds Kurumi, holding Jingoro and wondering what all the commotion is about, and the episode ends.

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Kimagure Orange Road, TV episode 9
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