Tenchi Muyo CD Index

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Tenchimuyo! Ryoohki Music Volume 1

PICA-1003, Y3000, 92/8/25

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Tenchimuyo! Ryoohki Music Volume 2

PICA-1011, Y3000, 93/3/25

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Tenchimuyo! Ryoohki Music Volume 3

PICA-1043, Y3000, 94/9/22

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Tenchimuyo! Ryoohki Best Album

PICA-1049, Y3000, 94/11/25

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Meet the Tenchi-Muyo!

PICA-1084, Y2500, 96/1/24

All sound clips were digitally sampled under Linux directly from the CD with cdda2wav at 22050Hz, 16-bit stereo. RealAudio encoding was done with the DolbyNet 28.8 stereo codec; the mono codec produced slightly less noise, but the stereo codec seems to reproduce the sound of the music more accurately.

Translations of Japanese song titles by Michael Zavisca <mjzavisc@eos.ncsu.edu>

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