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Japanese Animation

Kimagure Orange Road
This series of 48 TV episodes, eight OAVs, and two theatrical release movies ranks high on the list of the anime I've seen. It is a romantic comedy revolving around a 1m/2f love triangle between Kasuga Kyosuke, Ayukawa Madoka, and Hiyama Hikaru. See also the page on the KOR mailing list.

Bubblegum Crisis
This series of eight high-tech OAVs is set in 2032AD and subsequent years. It follows the active opposition of a vigilante group of four women, the Knight Sabres, to the plans of the Genom Corporation to control the world. Non-stop action, rock music, cyberpunk, and girls with guns. See also the page on the BGC mailing list.

Undocumented Features
This is an incredibly huge fanfiction series written by a whole lot of people. It's not really anime per se, but is heavily influenced by it, and it has a big place in net.anime culture.

Super Catgirl Nuku Nuku
A short OAV series about an android with a cat's brain. Mya!

I've only seen one OAV, and am not sure myself exactly what's going on yet. Assembler sure is cute though.

Some other anime links at this site:

Lately I've been getting a bit more into anime CDs. There's a fair bit of information on anime CDs on the web, but it can be hard to track down, and rather dry reading, so I'm going to try to create a few pages for my CDs that make them a bit more accessible. This is still pretty rough, but you can see the initial stages in the Tenchi Muyo CD Index.

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Japanese Animation
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