Undocumented Features

This file is a guide to the stories in the UF universe. All of the canon UF stories are listed in this file in the proper chronological order. If a file isn't listed here, then it isn't canon. (Or I've screwed up, but I haven't yet... -Zoner) [Or more likely, I haven't gotten around to adding it. -Brian] All of these files can be found via anon FTP to ftp.cs.ubc.ca From there you will find several subdirectories:

These are the 4 main stories to UF that define the universe.
These stories fill in gaps in the first three core stories.
These stories cover the years between UF3 and UF4.
These stories cover the years post-UF4.

You are currently reading an HTML version of the Guide File, in addition you should also consider reading uf.previews.gz, by Twister <umsteff2@cc.umanitoba.ca>. He has kindly provided TV Guide style encapsulated reviews of the stories. (Note that as new stories appear it may not be complete. The guide file will be. Some files, such as the Tech File, are also ommitted, as they are not stories.)

You may also wish to consult the UF page maintained at Eyrie Productions. Both pages should contain the same collection of links (theirs may stay a little more up to date), but the other one is a bit flashier and follows a different organization than the Guide.

Original Saga

The original saga by MegaZone, Gryphon, and ReRob follows the following order:

Future Imperfect

So much for the original saga. But you have to expect that with a few hundred years to kill, someone is going to have some kids. Well, those kids grew up and now there is Undocumented Features: Future Imperfect:

Other Contributions

The UF saga has also inspired other authors to contribute to the universe. We, the original authors, enjoy these tales. All that we ask is that the authors ask before using the characters since most are real people and we don't want to have our friends get ticked with us...


Hammer Time

PCHammer has contributed an ongoing tale, Hammer Time, to the universe. This story meshes well with the saga as presented above and shows some of the different aspects to the UF universe. The saga so far:

The Universe According to Chris

Joining the growing cabal of UF authors is Chris Meadows, well known for his work with Robotech fanfic, such as The Misfold and the Robotech-Rifts crossover, RoboRifts. His tale is part of the continuity and it is:

Leap Years

Joining the cabal of Eyrie Productions authors is Pearson Mui with a story that took quite a long time to write, but good things take time:


We're very happy that one of the two authors who's fanfic originally inspired the UF crew has contributed a story to the universe. And did an extremely good job of it too. The author is Larry Mann (the other author is Ryan Matthews btw), and his story is:

Another side story in the Undocumented Features universe is by a friend of ours, and former WPI student, Adam Johnson, aka pfloyd@student.umass.edu. It runs concurrently with UF3, during the 297 year gap in the middle of the story. It is:

The latest addition to the group is Kristan ``REDNECK'' Overstreet, who joins the ranks from Antarctic Press. Neat how things come around in a circle, no?

Rich Anderson came up with a parody to Radiohead's Creep, called Gweep.

We encourage you to read, and hopefully enjoy, all of the stories in the UF universe. All of the authors welcome feedback of any kind. Thank you.


The authors of UF have called for a moratorium on story proposals for tales in the Undocumented Features universe. This is necessary because of the sheer number of requests and stories in progress.

We simply cannot handle any more stories. It falls to the original authors to guard characterizations and continuity, and we've been spending more time as editors than as writers. Please don't ask for exceptions. We have already turned away a couple of people and it would be very unfair to allow someone else in under the wire. We don't mean to be draconian, but we feel that this is the only way we can keep the high quality of the universe and maintain the established continuity.

We are sorry about this, and we put it off as long as we could, but it seems the sheer popularity of the UF universe has overwhelmed us.

Thank you, the authors.

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Undocumented Features
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