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September 7, 1998

Not really that much new, just a lot of general cleanups, and my email address has changed. The pages are still all in the same place though. I thought it was looking bad to have the main page claiming nothing new since last December.

December 25, 1997

Well, I've got no plans for Christmas, and too many of my pages are too far out of date, so it's time for an update. Almost all of my anime pages have been updated to remove old links, add some new ones, and update some of the formatting. Looks like I never added a what's new notice for my Tenchi CD Index, so here it is.

January 20, 1997

And another year rolls in. Since the last update I've started work on a FAQ for the video game Mechwarrior 2, and another FAQ on how to start a mailing list. I've also added a recipe for a baked rice pudding to my rice pudding page.

November 21, 1996

Added a page describing my online activities as well as providing links to many of the resources I've developed over the years. There have been a number of small changes since my last entry here, but nothing really major.

June 16, 1996

Added pages for the Bubblegum Crisis and Denis Leary mailing lists.

March 9, 1996

Maintenance time. Added a couple new links to the BGC homepage and a link to the Priss picture archive from Priss' page, as well as updating the link to the new home of the BGC synopses. Added a new KORLD link to my KOR page. Replaced the old Arctic Animation project sheet with a new one containing the current closure notice and updated the fansubbers list appropriately. Updated and added a link to the Steve Taylor mailing list page. Added some links from my Leslie Spit Treeo page to Aaron's pages.

January 28, 1996

Created a page for the Video Girl Ai mailing list.

January 21, 1996

Created pages for the KOR and Greenwood mailing lists. I also did a bit of reorganizing and updating of the BGC Homepage with some new links. I also reorganized a few directories, but that shouldn't show up at the browser level (unless I screwed up, or you've got pointers to some minor sub-pages).

January 14, 1996

I put a bunch more recipes online for things I made over Christmas. They can be found inlined with a bunch of new chitchat at my Recipes Index. There have also been a number of minor fixes and updates all over the place throughout the last couple months, but nothing really worth mentioning individually.

November 19, 1995

I added a clickable imagemap interface to the Compiler and Nuku Nuku images on venice.tcp.com. I also interlaced and remapped their homepage images down to 32 colours so they should download faster.

November 7, 1995

I renamed the Music section of my homepage to Entertainment and stuck in a couple paragraphs about what I like (and dislike) on TV these days. Back on Sunday I added two new recipes but neglected to mention that here.

November 4, 1995

Today I moved the music section of my homepage to a page of its own and created pages under it for the matthew-sweet and steve-taylor mailing lists.

October 22, 1995

Created a page for the lovely-angels mailing list, and put the list archives online. I've also done some work on the Spits homepage, mainly scanning some images.

October 17, 1995

Ok, so today I finally decided to try fighting with Photoshop on the Mac we have the department's colour scanner connected to. Hey, I've gotta know how it works so I can help others, yeah, that's it. Anyhow, the result is a picture of my lovely visage on my main page, and a shot of me on my recumbent on the cycling page.

I also formatted Casca's Hardsuit: Priss and Hardsuit: Linna and linked them in to the appropriate pages. After, of course, updating and moving Linna's homepage like I have with Nene's and Priss's.

October 15, 1995

Put the finishing touches on the Crisis synopsis pages and finally linked them in to a slightly revamped BGC homepage. Updated and moved Priss's homepage as well as linking to the new Priss shrine from it. Also added a link to the Nene picture archive from Nene's homepage, and created a reviews page for Bubblegum Crusade.

Updated the Arctic Animation policy and project sheets, as well as adding information about the Prototype Generation BBS CDROMs.

Updated the Undocumented Features page to include a couple stories published since the last edit, as well as adding a link to another UF homepage which Chris Meadows told me about.

October 4, 1995

Today I updated and moved Nene's homepage as well as marking up Shawn Hagen's Goddess of the Battlefield lecture and linking it in. I also interlaced and remapped the colours in the images on Nene's page so that they will load up better, and also linked them to the source images on venice.

In recipe land, I added a recipe for Anadama Bread, a yeast bread which incorporates two of my favourite things: cornmeal and molasses.

September 9, 1995

Added cycling ride reports for the Indy Out Outing and Almost an Imperial Century.

August 13, 1995

I've moved the cycling section of my homepage onto its own page now that I have my new recumbent and have more to write about. I also wrote up a ride report for my first metric century and hope to follow it with other (more) interesting reports.

July 30, 1995

I've added six more KOR TV episode synopses, starting with episode six. I've also replaced my old list of KOC episodes with a link to the KOC homepage.

July 29, 1995

I completed the text portion of the page for Don't Cry Too Hard. I've still got to look into scanning some images for this area...

I've moved the anime section of my homepage onto its own page as it has been growing, and I want to keep my homepage small enough to load up quickly over a V.32bis link. The KOR synopses have been reformatted to be better HTML compliant, as well as to add funky navigation icons. I included a link to the AFS image gallery in the Nuku Nuku page.

July 21, 1995

Updated my current recumbent status on my homepage. Added VHS release information to the Nuku Nuku page.

I also redid a bunch of the pages to better match my continually growing understanding of HTML syntax. (In other words, there are some mistakes in the older pages.)

June 21, 1995

I decided to glitz up my pages a bit, so I tracked down a few icons, and created a few small images of my own (from larger ones of course, I'm no artist). All the new pictures are stored in my img directory. I added a diatribe explaining why my pages are not Netscape enhanced. I also added a section on cycling to my homepage, upgraded the music section, and completely revamped my miscellaneous links section, as most everything I had there either belonged somewhere else now, or is already well accessible from numerous web catalogs.

June 16, 1995

Today I decided it was time to learn how to create forms and figure out the slightly obtuse way our local server allows us to deal with data from them without invoking the potential security nightmares of CGI scripts written by naive users. If you go fill out my short survey you can see what I came up with. When I get inspired, I may add topical surveys to other major areas of my webspace.

June 10, 1995

I added a music section to my homepage with links to my various music related documents. I also started work on a few pages for The Spits. In recipe news, I added a recipe for California Chocolate Bars.

June 9, 1995

New recipes:

I also updated my resume and my bio to reflect my new job status.

March 7, 1995

No particularly new items since last time. In low level details, I'm now editing my web pages offline, and mirroring them onto the server once per day. Oh yeah, most pages are now maintained under RCS.

December 10, 1994

These updates don't get any easier. The main items are the new anime homepages for Super Catgirl Nuku Nuku and Compiler. I also added a perl script to generate stats for just my pages from the main system log. As a result, I noticed that my (few) recipes were getting a lot of accesses, so I'm going to try putting a few more online. New recipes to date are

November 24, 1994

Hmm, long time since I updated this. There have been too many changes to bother pointing to. Big ones are a complete rewrite of the Bubblegum Crisis and Arctic Animation pages. I've also been fiddling with links trying to keep them up to date. Small chance of that.

June 27, 1994

Added three new recipes that I tried out a couple days ago:

Oh, and yes John, I added a couple new links to Ah! Megami-sama material in the anime section.

May 30, 1994

I switched my Linux home page pointer from the old site to a new and much nicer page. I also cleaned up some more of the anime section, upgraded Maison Ikkoku to a minor section, and added links to the major anime FTP sites.

May 27, 1994

This afternoon I've been doing some revisions and tidying up around my local bit of the web. I've added a note about my new job to my bio. I've also added a number of new anime links into the anime filaments.

February 10, 1994

Today I finally joined the PGP revolution. My casual USENET key and military grade EMAIL key can both be found in my personal bio section.

February 5, 1994

I finally came to the realization that reformatting my recipes in nroff was dumb, and instead am writing them in HTML.

February 1, 1994

I found and added the following links to my homepage:

I also removed the link to my gopher server (kinda pointless), and pointed it at my anonymous ftp server instead. It's still only available inside UBC CS though.

January 26, 1994

Well, this is my first entry. I've got a good start on a homepage now, with a short personal bio and my resume both online. I've written sections on Gweep Systems, anime, and Linux.

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