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The mailing list is for the discussion of the comedian, musician and actor Denis Leary. A companion digest list is also available, under the list name asshole-digest. Lurkers are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the digest version, as that puts far less load on the list server than subscriptions to the regular list.

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List Archives

Archives are available from June 15, 1996. If your browser is forms capable, you can search the archives below, or visit this server's search page for more advanced search options. The archive files are also available directly for browsing.


If you would prefer to retrieve archives by email, you can get information on how to request files from Majordomo by sending mail to with the single word help in the body of the message. The archives are in the asshole-digest file archive.

List History

The asshole mailing list was started on December 23, 1995 in response to a request on alt.config for a newsgroup on the topic. Through June 1996 it has been a pretty small and quiet group of people, but it looks like things may start picking up soon.

Other Denis Leary Web Pages

If you come across any other links you think should be here, let me know.

And what would the world be without an official Denis Leary site:
[Official Denis Leary Site]

The asshole Mailing List
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