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The mailing list is for the discussion of Steve Taylor and his music. In addition to his lyrics and music, this includes concert announcements and reports, as well as side threads on other ministries he may be involved in. A companion digest list is also available under the list name steve-taylor-digest. Lurkers are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the digest version, as that puts far less load on the list server than subscriptions to the regular list.

For a quick introduction to Steve Taylor, check out the QRSTUV (Quick Roland Steve Taylor Ubiquitous Volume). The complete version of this FAQ can be reached via the link in the web section below. I've also started assembling a page of list member biographies, which remains out of date, but is still being worked on...

Since the list shows a regular tendency to descend into theological arguments, there is also the steve-theology list, where members are encouraged to take off-topic flamefests that go on for more than a day or two on the main list. Again, lurkers are encouraged to join the parallel steve-theology-digest, though if you're lurking on that list you may also wish to consult with a psychiatrist.

Subscription Information

To request an automated information message detailing how to subscribe to one of the lists, send mail to No special commands are required in either the subject or the body. Those who are familiar with Majordomo operation may wish to just talk to the mail server directly and skip this step.

The mailing list is also available through a newsgroup interface at news:// This newsgroup is read-only, and any posts must still be submitted to the list via the usual email address.

Posters should familiarize themselves with the mailing list etiquette FAQ and conduct themselves accordingly.

List Archives

Archives are available from November 4, 1995. There is currently no search capability, but you can browse the files directly. Archives of the theology list are available from February 1, 1997. Again there is no search engine, but you can browse directly.

If you would prefer to retrieve archives by email, you can get information on how to request files from Majordomo by sending mail to with the single word help in the body of the message. The archives of the main listare in the steve-taylor-digest file archive, and the theology list in steve-theology-digest.

List History

The list started on September 18, 1995 as a proposal by Melissa Hoffmeyer for a Steve Taylor newsgroup in the hierarchy. I replied that it was unlikely to succeed as a newsgroup, but instead I would volunteer to run a mailing list. A month and a half of procrastination later, on October 29, 1995 I finally created the list, and on November 3, 1995 it received its first day of posts.

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The steve-taylor Mailing List
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