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I spent about a year hanging out on alt.config, spending most of my time there dealing with proposals for new alt.music groups. If you're interested in proposing one, or are simply trying to find where people are talking about your favourite band, you should check out my Finding Musical Information FAQ. You may also want to check out the List of Music Mailing Lists started by Myra Wong, now maintained by Mitchel Waas, though the FMI FAQ will eventually point you to it.

In less technical areas, after searching the net for information on The Leslie Spit Treeo (also known as The Spits, though I hear they've thankfully dropped that name) and finding nothing, I've created a little corner of my webspace just for them. I'm also considering starting a mailing list if there are enough fans out there; if you're interested, let me know.

I also manage mailing lists dedicated to the following artists:

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