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Welcome to my recipes pages. This isn't a big collection of recipes, just a few of my favourite variations on common recipes, and a few uncommon ones that I've particularly enjoyed. If you're looking for other, perhaps larger collections of recipes, I highly recommend the Yahoo Index as a place to start searching.

Good news for those of you who have asked me where to find more about James Barber online. He's got a website now at While I would have leaned towards for the name, the site looks very nice so far, and there looks to be many good things coming on it.

If you're looking for a particular recipe, I've found the Lycos Search Engine to be one of the best searching resources out there. If you can't find it on Yahoo or Lycos, please don't ask me for it, as it's highly unlikely I've got anything that can't be found through that route. If you exhaust both these resources without finding what you're looking for, you can try submitting a request to the Usenet group, which typically has hundreds of recipes posted every month. Such requests can be submitted via mail to

Enough adminstrative babble, and on with the recipes. Enjoy!

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I picked up a new cookbook while visiting my sister in Edmonton over the New Year (1996): James Barber's The Urban Peasant: More Than a Cookbook. Ok, so while it was published in 1989 and isn't strictly new, this was the first time I'd seen it. It's really very nicely done, with short, three page chapters devoted to many topics, from garlic (two chapters actually) to asparagus, from lamb to potatoes, from leftovers to pasta. It's written in a narrative style with recipes both inline in prose, and in the margins for easier later location. This would be the perfect gift for any young person moving out on their own, or even grumpy old 20-something-year-olds such as myself who have been living on their own for a few years.

I took the opportunity while in Edmonton to try out a number of the recipes, first off was Chicken and Corn Chowder, which was fine, but no great thrill for either me or my sister. On the weekend we made Leek and Potato Soup, with freshly made stock from the chicken we'd roasted two days before, and that was really nice. Since getting back to Vancouver I've also made his Potato Soup, which I also quite liked, and given that I'm usually not a real big potato fan that is saying something. If it looks like I'm on a soup kick, you're probably right, but it's winter here, so I figure I'm allowed.

I also find I've been making a lot of Pound Cake lately, at least one every other week. It's really simple and keeps well, so it's the perfect thing to have around for a snack at tea time, or for those mornings where you've forgotten to have anything around for breakfast. Speaking of breakfasts, I also made Potato Pancakes (a JB recipe again) the other day, and was pleasantly surprised to find I quite liked them.

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